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Electronics and Video


Multimedia installation accessed via QR code

Ran from May 11-31, 2021 in Sakura Park in New York City

Sakura Park is situated on the border between Harlem and Morningside Heights. It is public and personal, within the city and without it, a utility and a utopia. Through recorded audio, video, and interviews, this project simply aims to display Sakura Park so that we may become more aware of its role in our lives and in the lives of others. This project was created in collaboration with Nicole Brancato and Teagan Faran.

For Stereo Tape and Video

Duration: 15’30’’

"Relationship to/through/with" explores the interaction of my relationships to time, judgment, and romance through an overlapping web of sonic and visual ideas.

My heartfelt thanks to Shannyn Rinker, who, along with appearing in this work vocally and visually, was a touchstone throughout the creative process.

People who are late are stupid.” - Florence Beaven, my great grandmother (1903-1989)

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Additional Works:

Verhinderte am Wachen (2019);
        Quad Tape

        Duration: 3'30''

It Fell (2018);

        Stereo Tape

        Duration: 3'15''

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