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Solo Works

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For solo Accordion

Duration:  9’00’’

Written for Marius Staible

A Daily Practice for Failed Oracles loosely portrays the interaction between an anxious mind and the body. It was written for Marius Staible, whom I thank for his input, advice, and artistry.

Additional Works:

re/dis/ordered | Wreathed by Waves (2022);

            For solo Organ

            Duration: 12’00’’

            Written for Austin Philemon

“Tambourine” as part of group composition Sound: Moves: Us (2020);

            For Tambourine

            Duration: 3’00’’

            Written as part of a composition studio project

Of Rope and Slate (2019);

            For solo Piano

            Duration: 13’

            Written for my father, Paul Bolles-Beaven

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