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Large Ensemble Works

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For Orchestra

[1(A. Fl.).1(E.H.).2.(II=B. Cl.).2(II=C. Bn.). timp.perc(1), pn., hp., strings(1,1,6,1,4)]

Duration: 6’40’’

Rings: Paths and Passing explores themes of loss, inner-antagonism, and transformation. Grounding this exploration is the movement of sound through the ensemble and a poem by Rainer Marie Rilke: ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen // “I live my life in growing rings.”

Additional Works:

"Ha(Pa)StYaAlt?” as part of Time to Break Silence: … let freedom ring.” (2020)

            For 14 Trumpets

            Duration: 3’00’’

            Written as part of a composition studio project

*Wisps from Generations Past (2016);

            For SATB Choir with Piano Accompaniment

            Duration: 5’00’’

*A Web of Silver (2016);

            For Orchestra


            Duration: 9

*withdrawn pending further revision

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